Workshops and lectures for companies, organizations and groups

The workshops and lectures are designed to provide participants with a fascinating and enjoyable experience along with tools that are suitable for creating a better quality of life.


  • Kabbalah and the Meaning of Life – Is there a purpose to our lives and who is God?
  • Healthy Nutrition In The 21st Century – What is it? Different approaches to nutrition – advantages and disadvantages.
  • Tasty and also healthy – how to build a nutritious and tasty menu together?
  • A healthy body in a healthy mind – the three components of good health: physical activity, emotional work and proper nutrition.
  • Detoxification and green shakes – a passing trend or a necessity?
  • The science of the RAWFOOD – protein paradox, super foods, and more ….

The lectures are experiential and integrate the participants through dialogue, experiential experience or the tasting of food sampling.


  • Learning from life – how does every experience in life become a springboard for development and internal learning?
  • Real games – a workshop full of amusement and creativity, group development and personal empowerment.
  • Healthy Relationships – What is a significant relationship? How is it built and how to cultivate it?
  • Wisdom of the circle – a circular discourse as a powerful tool for the consolidation of the family and / or work grades.
  • Stress management – how to deal with stress that accumulates in the body through physical and mental practice
  • Secrets of Tai Chi-Kong – Soft and flowing movements that nurture the energy of life flowing through us.
  • Meditation and Positive Thinking – How to use the self-contained power inherent in our consciousness and attention?
  • Sheli’s Kitchen – Vegan Cooking Workshop
  • Healthy, delicious and aesthetic – how to combine these three ingredients in daily cooking
  • Children also eat healthy – healthy cooking for children and educating them to good nutrition

Ta-Chi, yoga and meditation classes can also be arranged in advance for large groups.

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